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2019-2020 Budget - Other Information

Building Permits,Current Budget

Annual Fee Resolution and Capital Outlay information from the 2019-2020 City Budget; Electrical Fee Resolution

Accessory Structure Details (PDF)

Codes & Information

Residential Building Code

Accessory Structure Guidelines

Building Permits

Residential Construction Code

ADA Driveways FAQ (PDF)

Codes & Information

Commercial Construction; ADA Driveway regulations.

Alternate Braced Wall Panel (PDF)

Building Permits

Alternate Brace Wall Panel at Garage Door Openings

Annual Occupation Tax Form

Building Permits

Asbestos Guidelines (PDF)

Codes & Information

Building Height (PDF)

Codes & Information

Residential Construction; Building height diagram

Building Permit Dwelling Guidelines

Building Permits

Residential Construction

Building Permit Fee Schedule

Building Permits

Commercial/Residential Building