Temporary Use Permits

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What is a Temporary Use Permit?

The purpose of Temporary Use Permit is to ensure the public’s health and safety and to allow for a diversified economy in the City of Hastings. It is an annual permit for recreational vehicles in mobile home parks or recreational campgrounds for extended temporary stays of economic need, temporary structures, and mobile vendors, up to 180 days.

Do I need a Temporary Use Permit?

The Temporary Use Permit applies to mobile vendors, temporary structures (example: for construction), recreational vehicles being used in mobile home parks or campgrounds with long-term camping (example: for housing construction workers).  A Temporary Use Permit is required for any of these structures remaining in the same location for 14 consecutive days or more.  An RV is not allowed in a Mobile Home Park without a temporary use permit.  An RV is allowed in a campground without a temporary use permit, but the stay should not exceed 2 weeks or the terms of the conditional use permit specific to that campground without a temporary use permit.

The Temporary Use Permit allows a temporary structure and an RV (in a campground and mobile home park) to remain in the same place for up to 180 days, and both can be extended by 6 months with approval from Development Services.  A temporary use permit for a mobile vendor must be annually renewed.

Mobile vendors DO NOT need a Temporary Use Permit if they spend less than 14 consecutive days in the same location.  Mobile Vendors also do not need a Temporary Use Permit if they are taking part in a special event that has been routed through the City Clerk and approved by City Council. 

What do I need to know as a mobile vendor?

  • Any mobile vendor should ensure there is appropriate parking, access and no hinderance to surrounding traffic and Right-of-Way on public streets.
  • Must provide copy of State issued temporary food establishment permit and comply to Nebraska Food Code.
  • Noise or smell mitigation must be addressed.
  • Any outdoor seating, lighting, heat lamps, barricades, utility connections, signage, trash receptacles and porta-pots should be shown on the site plan and discussed in narrative to be approved as part of your permit application.
  • Any Occupation Tax must be paid to City Finance.
  • Propane tanks must comply to all NFPA requirements.
  • A Hastings Fire & Rescue permit is required for mobile food preparation vehicles or trailers equipped with appliances that can produce smoke or grease-laden vapors.
  • Fuel gas systems must be inspected annually by an approved inspection agency. Call the City Fire Marshal at (402) 462-7155 for more information.

How do I apply for a Temporary Use permit?

  • Go to https://cityofhastings.portal.iworq.net/portalhome/cityofhastings
  • Under Planning and Land Use, select Apply for an Administrative Permit
  • Fill out all required information and upload a site plan under Upload Files (bottom of page).  If you need help with your site plan please call the City Planner at (402) 461-2314.

Contact Development Services at (402) 461-2302 with any questions.