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Development Services

City Hall, 1st Floor
220 North Hastings Avenue
Hastings, NE 68901 (402) 461-2302Email Department

Submit Code Complaint

Please check the listing below first to make sure your complaint is being sent to the correct enforcement agency.  Certain types of complaints may be more specifically addressed by Police or other City departments.  Below is a listing of complaints that Development Services is responsible for handling:

  • Building Without a Permit
  • Condemnation/Dilapidated Building
  • Construction not in compliance with code/setbacks
  • Home-Based Businesses, Zoning Issue
  • Number of Tenants/Overcrowding
  • Parking on residential, private property and commercial areas
  • Sidewalk Obstructions
  • Structural Concerns
  • Temporary Signs (garage sale, realtor, etc.)
  • Trees Overhanging Street/Sidewalks
  • Vehicle Abatement (junked, unlicensed)
  • Vision Obstructions
  • Weeds
  • Other Nuisances

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