Human Resources Policies

The Personnel Rules and Regulations are the City's officially adopted human resources policies governing employment, the Civil Service Commission, classification, compensation, paid and unpaid leave programs, employment records, applications, examinations, lists and appointments, discipline, grievance procedures and sexual harassment. The authority for the Personnel Rules and Regulations resides in Hastings City Code, Chapter 3.

Employees who are represented under the terms of an authorized collective bargaining agreement between the City and a labor union are subject to the terms and conditions of that collective bargaining agreement when the agreement is in conflict with these rules. If the agreement is silent, rules under Chapter 3 of the Hastings City Code apply.

The Personnel Rules and Regulations in Hastings City Code apply to the employees of Hastings Utilities. Hastings Utilities has a policy and procedure manual for items not covered in Chapter 3 of the Hastings City Code.

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