Scavenger Rock Hunt

Past Winners  

Each month the Parks & Recreation department will hide Dwayne The Limestone Rock around town giving a clue to where it might be. Take a picture with Dwayne, direct message us on Facebook with a selfie picture for the drawing and a chance to win a prize!

The ROCK has been stolen and the program has been CANCELLED for now.

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April Location- Heartwell Park
April Winner:
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Clue #1 - "Look to the right and even the left when you are swinging high in the sky because you might just see me."  Where am I?

Clue #2 -  "I have a lot of favorites including the color orange, but construction isn't one of them. Where am I? Where am I?"

Clue #3 - "It's Tuesday!! Do you have all your ducks in a row for the rest of the week??? Where am I?"

Clue #4 - "You might have to cross an obstacle or two to get to me. Where am I?"

Clue #5 -  Where am I?



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