Scavenger Rock Hunt


Each month the Parks & Recreation department will hide Dwayne The Limestone Rock around town giving a clue to where it might be. Take a picture with Dwayne, direct message us on Facebook with a selfie picture for the drawing and a chance to win a prize!

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September Location- Fisher Fountain
September Winner: Joyce Schwenk -Freddy's Gift Card 

October Prize - Coach's Corner gift card 

Clue #1 - Use this bench to view amazing art. Where am I?

Clue #2 - "Guten Tag! Grab some kool-aid for $0.02! That is a good deal. Where am I?"

Clue #3 - Finding the missing brick is like trying to find a missing puzzle piece, but if you can find this empty space it will lead you right to me. Where am I?"

Clue #4 - After finding Dwayne, I was sooo thirsty I decided to go get a Coke from Coach's Corner. Where am I?
soda fountain

Clue #5 - Basic necessities were found here including items like eggs, milk, and bread. Where am I?



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