Chaplaincy Program

In the years the Chaplain Corps has existed, a fellowship has developed between them and the personnel of the police department. Because thousands of Hastings citizens go to the churches of the Chaplain Corps, these chaplains serve as a link between their congregations and the police. The chaplains are available to counsel police personnel in personal matters and assist the police in serving the public. The chaplains have been particularly helpful with death notifications, at the scene of serious accidents, suicides, and during domestic disputes. In 1996 chaplains became involved in watching and counseling juvenile runaways the police located allowing police officers to attend to other duties.

The Chaplain Corps has become an organization with a formal structure. They meet monthly and attend training on a wide variety of pertinent topics. Chaplains rotate being on-call with one being available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. They routinely ride with police officers.

Current Chaplains


Eddie Goff- New Hope Baptist Church
RG Montgomery - Berean Bible Church
Dale Brandenburg- Salvation Army

If you are interested in volunteering for the Chaplain Corps, please contact Captain Raelee VanWinkle at (402) 461-2380 or by email.