Emergency Snow Routes

All Emergency Snow Routes are marked with a sign.  During a Snow Emergency, parking is not allowed on these streets.

Emergency Snow Route Map

East/West Routes

Street   From To 
 Lochland Rd  Baltimore Ave East City Limits 
 Madden Rd  Baltimore Ave Tom Osborne Expressway 
 42nd Street West City Limits  East City Limits 
 33rd Street Osborne Dr East  Lakepark Lane 
 North Shore Dr Baltimore Ave  Osborne Dr East 
 South Shore Dr North Shore Dr Osborne Dr West 
 26th Street  Osborne Dr East Second Ave 
 16th Street Burlington Ave  19th Street 
 14th Street Westridge Dr  Elm Ave 
 12th Street West City Limits  Showboat Blvd 
 Park Lane Dr Sycamore Ave   Marian Rd 
 9th Street Marian Rd   North 6th Ave
 8th Street Denver Ave St. Joseph Ave 
 7th Street Hickory Ave  East City Limits 
 4th Street Lexington Ave  Minnesota Ave 
 3rd Street Lexington Ave  Minnesota Ave 
 2nd Street Highland Rd North 6th Ave 
 1st Street Lexington Ave Colorado Ave 
South Street Laird Ave Woodland Ave
South Street Burlington Ave East City Limits
A Street Woodland Ave Burlington Ave
D Street Pine Ave Elm Ave
D Street Woodland Ave Baltimore Ave
E Street Baltimore Ave Pine Ave
F Street Franklin Ave Wabash Ave
H Street Franklin Ave Wabash Ave

North/South Routes

Street  From  To 
Adams Central Rd   250' S of 12th St  North City Limits 
 Highland Rd BNNR Tracks  North City Limits of 12th St 
Sycamore Ave  12th St  7th St 
Brentwood Ave  12th St  Park Lane Dr 
Marian Rd  BNNR Tracks  12th St 
Westridge Dr  14th St  12th St 
Laird Ave  South St  14th St 
Crane Ave  12th St  18th St 
Woodland Ave  South St  D St 
Baltimore Ave  Lochland Rd  2nd St 
Baltimore Ave  A St  Highway 6 
Franklin Ave  E St  Highway 6 
Lexington Ave  4th St  1st St 
Osborne Dr West  Kansas Ave  North City Limits 
Burlington Ave  UPPR Overpass  M St 
Highway 281  UPPR Overpass  North City Limits 
Osborne Dr East  42nd St  19th St 
Lincoln Ave  4th St  South St 
Hastings Ave  14th St  12th St 
Hastings Ave  4th St  South St 
Hastings Ave  H St  Highway 6 
Denver Ave  9th St  7th St 
Denver Ave  4th St  South St 
St. Joseph Ave  9th St  8th St 
St. Joseph Ave 4th St 1st St
Kansas Ave 4th St 1st St
Kansas Ave 7th St 9th St
Colorado Ave 4th St South St
Minnesota Ave 4th St 2nd St
Wabash Ave E St South City Limits
East Side Blvd 14th St 2nd St
Pine Ave D St E St
Turner Ave 9th St 7th St
Elm Ave 26th St 9th St
Elm Ave 7th St D St
6th Ave 12th St 2nd St
Lakepark Ln  North Shore Dr  33rd St