HU warns about door-to-door solar salespeople

UPDATE Wednesday, March 6

*Representatives from a solar panel company have been in the Hastings area going door-to-door, soliciting sales. Hastings Police Department has no information to indicate that this is a scam. The company has filed the necessary paperwork with the police department for a solicitor's license. Local residents called the Hastings Utilities customer service department indicating the representative stated a business connection to the City of Hastings. The City of Hastings would like to clarify that the company is not affiliated with the City. City representatives would never go door-to-door selling solar panels.* 

Hastings Utilities has had customers call in and say they have been approached by a salesperson indicating they are with the city and trying to get information or sell solar panels “like the ones going up West of town.”  They are pushing an affiliation with either the City or the Utilities.  

No one from the City of Hastings or the Utility Department is going door to door soliciting sales. 

Anyone with questions about this can call the Hastings Utilities customer service department at (402) 463-1371.

Published Date: 03/ 5/2024

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