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Renovations complete at Fisher Fountain

Renovations and repairs for Fisher Fountain are complete after nearly six months of work.

The fountain was tested on the Fourth of July before being turned back off for finishing touches and programming. It is now back on and operational for the public to visit and enjoy at 1228 N. Denver Ave.

During daytime hours, the fountain operates with its perimeter nozzles and filtration system, with enhanced technology to reduce drifting spray on windy days. The main water and light show will turn on at 8 p.m. and continue until midnight each evening.

The Hastings City Council unanimously approved a renovation contract for Fisher Rainbow Fountain in January, awarding the contract to Farris Construction Co., Inc. in the amount of $385,591.

The need for renovations was first presented to the Utility Advisory Board in October after several mechanical failures throughout 2020. The failures eventually caused the fountain to shut down early for the season last fall.

The Utilities Department outlined several issues with the fountain including a cracked fountain floor, corrosion on mechanical equipment, pump malfunction and other electrical issues.

The fence surrounding the fountain had been painted over several times to maintain its appearance, and the department recommended it be replaced with a maintenance-free fence material. The fence was also found to be too close to the water source given the electrical equipment that is attached to it. The new fence was installed at the proper distance, and is white to combat the appearance of water deposits.

The water pump and other electrical equipment were previously accessed through a confined space underneath the fountain, making it dangerous to reach. The presence of chlorine vapors in the access room also posed a hazard. During the renovation, all mechanical equipment was moved out from under the fountain and into an existing utility building near the fountain, with added ventilation for the chlorine vapors.

The renovation also included new security cameras to better protect the fountain from vandalism.

The funding for the project came from the Utilities Administration budget.

Published Date: 07/26/2021

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