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Residential Water Sales Tax Exemption

On Oct. 1, a bill passed by the Nebraska Legislature went into effect, effectively eliminating residential water tax in the state.

LB26 exempts the gross receipts received from the sale, lease or rental of and storage use or consumption of residential water services. The sales tax exemption for residential water service applies to single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, apartments, condominiums, dorms, nursing homes, assisted living homes, and other dwellings designed for people to live in permanently or for a considerable length of time.

As a Hastings resident you may qualify for this exemption, and you may submit a Form 13 to claim the exemption if you qualify.

A Form 13 can be downloaded from the Nebraska Department of Revenue website here. Once complete, they can be delivered to the Hastings Utilities Department at 1228 N. Denver Ave. or faxed to 402-463-1705.

Thank you for your cooperation as we implement the changes provided in LB26.

Published Date: 11/29/2021

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