Street Lights

Beginning with the January 2004 utility bill, Hastings Utilities started billing customers within the Hastings city limits a monthly charge for street lighting. The monthly charge per utility bill is $3.52. Hastings Utilities customers outside the city limits are not impacted by the charge.

The Hastings City Council passed Ordinance 3911 on October 27, 2003, directing the Board of Public Works to recommend a rate relative to the furnishing of Street Lighting Service to utility customers in Hastings. In accordance with City Council direction, the Board on November 26, 2003 approved a street light rate as recommended by an outside consultant. The Hastings City Council approved the street lighting rate ordinance on December 8, 2003 with an effective date of January 1, 2004.

The revenue generated by the rate must be used specifically for the direction, operation and supervision of the street lighting department in accordance with Council Ordinance 3911

Both the council and the Board approve the budget for the street lighting department. The street lighting department has a separate budget from other HU departments.

The street lighting charge is for the use of the street lighting system within Hastings. It is not charged only to those that have street lighting poles near their homes.

Should customers have questions concerning the street lighting service, please call HU during regular business hours at (402) 463-1371.

If you need to report a street light that is in need of repair (does not turn off, does not turn on, buzzes loudly, etc.) please call Hastings Utilities at (402) 463-1371 during regular business hours or simply [javascript protected email address] and we will take the necessary steps to correct the problem.