Proposed Changes to Chapter 29 Electrical Code

On October 9th 2017 the city council in Hastings approved changes to the City of Hastings Electrical Code (Chapter 29). There were a few changes made to our local code, as well as adopting the 2017 NEC. Per city ordinance #4523 these changes will be in effect on October 24th of 2017.

All electricians doing work in the city need to be aware of the changes, as they will be enforced starting on October 24th 2017. Permits for projects pulled prior to that date will be inspected under the 2014 NEC.

Chapter 29 Electrical Code-2017-Redline version

Any questions on the code or installations should be directed to the City Electrical Inspector:
Bill Mooney
Phone: (402) 461-2340
Cell:    (402) 469-7689


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