Spring Clean-Up Reminder

As residents tackle their spring cleaning and home improvement projects, the City of Hastings Solid Waste Landfill Department reminds everyone to properly dispose and recycle unwanted items.

Landfill bans are designed to eliminate problematic materials from the landfill waste stream and to extend the life of our landfill.  State landfill bans include the following types of waste:

• Paint • Liquids • Hazardous Materials •

****Also banned by State law but accepted at the Hastings Solid Waste Facility for recycling***

Tires, lead-acid batteries, oil, yard waste, trees and appliances including freon appliances.  Fees apply. 

If you have recycling or landfill disposal questions regarding the proper handling of certain materials or your project, please call first, so we may provide the correct disposal guidelines and recycling options.

*Remember to keep all loads properly covered and secured for transportation to the landfill.

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