Mayor's Comments on COVID-19 Update

Comments from Mayor Corey Stutte on the Friday, March 27 COVID-19 Update:

"Today was meant to be the first weekly update to shine light on our coordination as a community and where we stand in the battle as we continue to work together to fight the pandemic that has overtaken our country.  Instead, we are here to report two new COVID-19 positive tests in Adams County, one of those is a non-resident from Colorado who will be counted in his home state who is currently quarantined locally along with another citizen from our local area.  I’m here to once again tell you that we will not back down as a community and we will win the war.

"We stood up the Adams County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) last week and have met every day, except for last Sunday.  We have over 20 stakeholders from across our community involved in our daily meetings to make sure we are all on the same page and that we are pulling in one direction.

"I want to make one thing clear--our community is united in fighting COVID-19.  From our great stakeholders involved in our daily EOC meetings to our wonderful small businesses that continue to fight and move Hastings forward--we are #HastingsStrong and I appreciate everything our citizens are doing to let people know we are still open for business. Whether that is in-person, pickup or delivery.

"While our business practices have been forced to change in Hastings, I hope you see that our spirit has not. Our stakeholders wake up every morning with the intention of fighting and winning the war. Whether it is our EMS teammates on the front lines or our United Way partners distributing information, we are one Hastings.  

"With that being said, the time for laughing off this pandemic has long since passed--we are in the battle and we must band together. Look at your citizens to your left and to your right and know that we’re all in this together. Follow CDC guidelines, clean your workplaces, wash your hands and practice social distancing. We’ve faced down tough adversaries, but it has been a long time since we have needed to declare total war on the enemy. The time is now, the enemy is COVID-19 and we need to push forward together to win the war."

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