Hastings Housing Survey Results Are In

The results from the 2020 Hastings Housing Needs Assessment Study are in, identifying housing needs within the community.

While the Development Services department is still analyzing the data, key findings include a need for middle-income housing and greater oversight of rental property.

Staff also found a significant interest in single-family homes, with moderate interest in condos/townhomes and acreage lots.

Barriers to housing included high costs and a lack of choice in housing options, according to those who took the survey.

Although over 73% who answered the survey own property and 72% are satisfied with their current housing, those who rent shared many concerns about high costs, bad conditions and complaints of landlords.

The Development Services department will use the survey’s findings to support department funding needs and focus on areas that need improvement within the city. The results will help justify applications and approvals for tax-increment financing, as well as potential grants and other opportunities that may arise.

Marvin Planning Consultants, as part of this study, is also working on a map that uses County Assessor data to categorize conditions of housing in the city.  This would become a working dashboard that the Development Services department can use to track housing conditions. The department, along with the consultants, will hold follow-up meetings regarding the results of the survey with various focus groups.

A link to the full results can be found here.

Some comments left on the survey contained identifying personal information or language that isn’t appropriate for public release, and parts of those comments have been redacted.

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