Electric System GIS Mapping Project Begins in Hastings

The City of Hastings is working to digitize a map of the city’s electric distribution system in an effort to improve the quality of electric service to residents.

The city hired Midland GIS Solutions for the project, which will include digitally mapping the location of utility features with GPS equipment as well as capturing digital photos of infrastructure such as utility poles and pad mounted structures.

The project will begin on Monday, June 1, and residents may notice workers in their neighborhoods. Workers will occasionally need access to private property in order to map the utility features, and residents may receive a knock on their door if a worker requires access through a gate, such as to a backyard. The city has easements to perform this type of work and Midland GIS Solutions will be as respectful and unobtrusive as possible while completing the project. All workers will arrive in a clearly-marked Midland GIS Solutions vehicle and uniform, and residents with questions or concerns can contact Midland GIS Solutions at 660-562-0050. Residents can also contact Ron Sekora with the City of Hastings at 402-462-3653 or Lee Vrooman with the City of Hastings at 402-462-3657.

The project is expected to take three to four months, and will ultimately help Hastings Utilities provide more efficient service to customers.

The new digital map will give service crews detailed information when responding to power outages, and it lays the groundwork for the use of smart meters and outage management software.

The project is part of ongoing GIS mapping efforts by the city, which already include the digital mapping of street, storm sewer, gas, water and sanitary infrastructure.

A copy of the letter released to residents can be found here.

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