COVID-19 Restrictions Loosened in June 1 DHM

New directed health measures went into effect on June 1, further loosening COVID-19 restrictions.

Here’s some of what you need to know:

Gatherings are restricted to 25 people or 25% of capacity, whichever is greater, but never to exceed 3,000 people. This includes gatherings at fairgrounds, festivals, auditoriums, meeting halls, libraries, swimming pools or any other confined indoor or outdoor space.

Parades, carnivals, midways, dances and beer gardens are prohibited. Vehicle parades are allowed as long as patrons do not leave their vehicles and attendees cannot line the street to watch.

Venues such as fitness centers, health spas, gyms, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys and gentleman clubs are restricted to 25 patrons or 50% capacity, whichever is greater. Parties must stay in groups no larger than six, and must maintain six feet of separation between other groups.

Wedding and funeral receptions are also limited to 25 attendees or 50% of venue capacity. Six feet of separation is required between groups of six, and self-service buffets are prohibited.

Beauty/nail salons, barber shops, massage therapy services and tattoo/body art facilities are still required to use masks for staff and patrons, unless the service specifically requires the removal of a mask.Venues with a rated occupancy of 500 or more must submit a ‘plan for reopening’ to the South Heartland District Health Department before reopening. This should include plans for social distancing and sanitation.

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 or show symptoms are required to home-isolate for no less than 10 days from the onset of symptoms.

To see the full language of the new directed health measure, click here.


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