Tree-trimming project focuses on safety

The City of Hastings is working with Green Tree Co, LLC in an effort to trim tree branches that extend into city power lines and the street.

Work will begin on June 8 in Juniata for city power lines only and will then extend into Hastings, with the entire project expected to last into the fall.

Workers will trim trees so the branches are approximately 10-12 feet from city power lines, depending on the species of tree and its expected rate of growth. Trees will be trimmed to approximately 16 feet above streets and 3 feet back from the curb. A certified arborist is on staff to oversee all tree trimming.

Tree limbs near telephone and communication cables will not be trimmed, as well as limbs near service wires that connect directly to homes.

Residents can expect to see an informational flyer posted to their doors when workers are scheduled to be working in their area. Some workers may need temporary access to residents’ yards to perform the necessary work.

The project will ultimately ensure the safety of public and utility crews as well as increase the reliability of utility service during storms. Trimming along streets improves access for high-profile vehicles. Residents will not be charged any fees associated with tree-trimming work on their property.

For questions or concerns regarding the project, contact the Hastings Utilities Department at 402-462-3632 for the work being done near city power lines, and the Hastings Parks and Recreation Department at 402-461-2324 for work being done along the streets.

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