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Viaduct report presented to City Council

A complete report on the condition of the Old Highway 281 viaduct was presented to the Hastings City Council at its regularly-scheduled meeting on Monday evening.

On May 26, Engineering Specialists Inc. conducted a site evaluation to determine the integrity of the structure and costs for repair.

ESI’s comprehensive report found deficiencies in the structure. The substructure of the viaduct was deemed to be in “critical condition.” All pier columns require concrete restoration and replacement of the steel reinforcement, however the rehabilitation of the columns is not feasible without removal of the superstructure above.

ESI reported that while the superstructure’s concrete drive deck is in “fair condition,” lateral movement of the drive deck and the steel girders indicates the substructure below is beyond functional rehabilitation. ESI also noted extensive deterioration and movement of Abutment No. 1, misalignment of Pier No. 1, abnormal expansion joint movement and evidence of seized roller bearings and deterioration of the concrete base for the roller bearing pads on top of the piers.

Estimated cost for a new 4-lane bridge including demolition: $6,838,100 to $7,062,300

Estimated cost for architectural and engineering design: $512,857.50 to $529,672.50

Total estimated cost for replacement: $7,350,957.50 to $7,591,972.50

Estimated cost for demolition only: $1,452,360

The city council took no immediate action after the presentation, and ballot language is due by Sept. 1.

View the complete report here.

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Published Date: 07/28/2020

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