Give transportation and parking feedback with interactive tool

The City of Hastings is continuing to collect data for its Transportation and Parking Master Plan, and a new interactive tool will let residents give details about specific priorities and issues.

The feedback tool can be found on the city’s website,

Residents will be able to select and identify priority projects for the city, including options for sidewalks, streets, signage, traffic flow, parking and more.

A new interactive map lets residents drop a pin on a specific location, allowing them to categorize and describe issues they encounter on a regular basis.

The data collected from this tool will allow the city to create a strategic plan for the transportation and parking system in Hastings, ensuring the safety of residents and allowing funds to be spent responsibly.

Those without computer access who wish to contribute are encouraged to utilize the Hastings Public Library’s resources at 314 N Denver Ave. Paper copies will also be available without the interactive map tool.

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