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Utilities customer service fees to change with new budget

The Hastings Utilities Department is updating its customer service fees after the city’s new budget was approved by the Hastings City Council on Sept. 13.

Beginning on Oct. 1, the following customer service fees will be in place:

  • Returned Payment Item: $25
  • Posting Charge: $25       
  • Reconnect Fee: $75       
  • Reconnect Fee - After Hours: $150          
  • Reconnect Fee - Off at Pole: $75              
  • Reconnect Fee - Off at Pole, After Hours: $200
  • Temporary Disconnect/Reconnect: $30                
  • Same Day Turn On Charge: $50
  • Same Day Turn On Charge - After 4:30 p.m.: $100
  • Service Call: $50
  • Service Call - After Hours: $100 
  • Special Meter Reading: $30
  • Payment Collection at Premises: $30

Most fees can be avoided entirely with timely communication and bill payment. To avoid accidentally missing a utility bill payment, the Hastings Utilities Department offers automatic bank draft payment options to ensure bills are always paid on time. Customers can also choose other convenient ways to pay such as online debit/credit card or e-check payments, as well as over-the-phone payment options.

Customers can also choose to sign up for CustomerConnect which provides e-bills, payment history and consumption history to give customers better peace of mind.

Customers who prefer more predictable utility bills each month can utilize the Budget Billing service. For those who have been using utility services for one full year, Budget Billing will divide the customer’s annual utility costs into 11 equal payments, with the 12th month varying to account for adjustments.

Visit the Utility Department's page for more information or to sign up for any of the above services. Customer service representatives are also available at (402) 463-1371 to address questions or concerns.

Published Date: 09/29/2021

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