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Police complete investigation into July fatal shooting

Hastings Police Officers responded to a shooting at 411 South Pine Avenue on July 23 at approximately 9:46 p.m. Upon arrival, it was determined that Santinorey Gonzalez, age 28, was fatally shot. Crime Scene Investigators and Officers completed an investigation at that location throughout the next day.

Throughout the past 3 months, the Hastings Police Department conducted further investigation of this matter consisting of interviews of multiple persons, collection of evidence, review of crime scene photographs, and consultation with a potential expert witness. The matter has been submitted to the Adams County Attorney’s Office for review.

The facts of this case concluded that Mr. Gonzalez was an associate of the residents at 411 South Pine Avenue. On July 23rd, just before 9:46 p.m., Mr. Gonzalez entered the residence to confront the male resident on a personal matter. The male resident was in the dwelling in a location from where he could not flee Mr. Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez ignored several requests to leave the residence and armed himself with a blunt object weapon and approached the resident in a threatening manner. The resident, then armed with a firearm, again gave warning to leave. Mr. Gonzalez attacked the resident with the blunt object weapon and the resident fatally shot Mr. Gonzalez.

At this time, the facts of this case conclude the male resident of 411 South Pine Avenue was acting in self-defense when fatally shooting Mr. Gonzalez. Based upon this conclusion no further action will be taken by the County Attorney’s Office.

Published Date: 10/12/2021

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