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City Council approves updated snow emergency routes

The Hastings City Council unanimously voted to update the city’s snow emergency routes at Monday evening’s regular meeting.

The updated routes add several streets across the city in an effort to better connect drivers with important streets after significant snowfall. It also removes routes from streets that are no longer in use.

City Engineer Lee Vrooman said all of the streets added are either new development, or police and fire services have reported an increased need for timely access.

The topic was previously discussed by the city council at the Nov. 15 worksession, and the route was last updated in 2015.

According to Hastings City Code, snow emergencies may be declared by the mayor when it becomes necessary to prohibit or restrict parking on residential streets for the purpose of clearing accumulated snow or ice. The mayor may issue a full or partial snow emergency, and it remains in effect until canceled by the mayor.

Parking in the Business District may also be restricted either fully or partially for the purpose of removing snow or other purposes at the mayor’s discretion.

Vehicles parked in violation of a snow emergency may be subject to towing or fines.

Snow Emergency Route Update 2021 1

Snow Emergency Route Update 2021 2

Snow Emergency Route Update 2021 3

Published Date: 11/23/2021

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