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Street closures announced for safety after downtown fire

The City of Hastings is announcing street closures on West 2nd Street at Lincoln Avenue for eastbound traffic, and Hastings Avenue at 3rd Street for southbound traffic.

As a result of the structure fire at 700 W 2nd Street on March 13, there have been examinations by two separate structural engineers that have been to the Bert’s Pharmacy building to conduct stability assessments. The City was advised to monitor the building for any movement on a weekly basis, and following any winds of over 50 mph.  During this process conducted by the City Fire Marshal and the City Building Official, measurable movement has been recently noticed. Both of these city officials share concern over the possibility of collapse, and requested that a structural engineer return to the building to give an updated assessment based on these findings. The structural engineer conducted an independent assessment of the building and shared the same concerns as the code officials. The sidewalks will be closed off immediately, with street barricades following on Friday morning. This ensures responsible compliance with International Property Maintenance Code, section 109.3: When necessary for public safety, the code official shall temporarily close structures and close, or order the authority having jurisdiction to close, sidewalks, streets, public ways and places adjacent to unsafe structures, and prohibit the same from being utilized.

Bert's Pharmacy Street Closures

Out of concern for the safety of our community members, the public is asked to remain at least 60 feet from the building at all times. As this collapse zone encompasses much of the street to the south and east of the building, a street closure plan was developed with assistance from the Street, Police, and Fire Departments.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to monitor the situation.

Published Date: 04/21/2022

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