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ADA Curb Ramp / CDBG Project

The City recently awarded a sidewalk and ADA curb ramp improvement project to Ben Engel Construction for $544,256.  The agreement for this project was signed January 11th, 2022.  ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act and requires that curb ramps be built to specific standards and slopes to allow for ease of travel.  The project is being primarily funded through a $400,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for Public Works improvements.  The project concept was initiated through Development Services and Engineering in 2020 with support from South Central Economic Development District (SCEDD).  Design was based on the Hastings Barriers to Universal Mobility Study done by Olsson in 2019.  The project will improve approximately 120 curb ramps and 14,000 square feet of 5-inch thick sidewalk in the City.  The project boundary is a four (4) block radius around the downtown City parking plaza to the north of City Hall.  The Study recommends that the first phase of improvements prioritize the downtown City center.  Construction for this project will begin on or around May 2, 2022 at 7th and Lincoln Avenue, followed by 7th and Burlington Avenue in coordination with the Nebraska Department of Transportation.  Plans for this project may be viewed online at  As future funding mechanisms are put in place the Study recommends focusing on sidewalk and curb ramp improvements that are in close proximity to schools and parks.  Since it is unlikely and not practical that grants will be able to improve everyone’s sidewalk, residents are reminded that it is each property owner’s responsibility to construct or repair sidewalk on any lot or piece of land within the City per City Code Chapter 25, Article II.   

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Published Date: 04/29/2022

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