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Hastings Comprehensive Plan Kickoff Update

The City of Hastings extends a thank you to citizens of our community for attending the kick-off meeting for the Hastings Comprehensive Plan. 

VIDEO: 281 Studios, Hastings, NE

The meeting was designed to explain the framework for the development of the plan, which will include extensive public engagement and input. 

There will be opportunities for citizens to provide ideas to the consulting teams with in-person meetings, digital platforms for discussion, and a presence at community events including Kool-Aid Days in August. As those opportunities are established, the City of Hastings will provide announcements to local media, the City website, and social platforms. 

The timeline for completion of the Hastings Comprehensive Plan is 14-18 months. 

Partnering firms in attendance for the kick-off meeting included: 

  • Marvin Planning Consultants
  • Community Planning Insights
  • MSA Planning & Design, and
  • 281 Studios  

Published Date: 07/22/2022

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