New utility equipment to help linemen in tight spaces

The Hastings Utilities Electric Distribution crews are implementing a new piece of equipment.

The new equipment – which was delivered on Dec. 28, 2023 – is an insulated aerial device mounted on a track-driven chassis, designed to fit through a 36-inch-wide gate.

Electric Distribution crews use the insulated aerial device to work on powerlines in areas where a truck mounted aerial device can’t fit.

It will be used in limited access areas where there are no alleys, mainly in back yards behind homes where there are overhead powerlines.

The new equipment will improve safety because it is electrically insulated. Crews can work on energized lines that would have been shut off in the past. 

“The new insulated aerial device is already coming in handy to address powerline issues in areas that were previously difficult to access,” Electric Distribution Superintendent Jeff Campbell said.

Published Date: 01/29/2024

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