Hastings 911 to take over some calls from Campbell area

Effective May 16, 2024, all 911 calls that were answered by the Mid-Rivers Public Service Answering Point (PSAP) in Campbell, Nebraska have been routed to the Hastings PSAP and the Franklin County PSAP depending on the geographical location of the caller. This has been a collaborative effort between the Hastings PSAP, the Mid-Rivers PSAP, the Franklin County PSAP, the Webster County Sheriff’s Office, and the Nebraska Public Service Commission.  

The Hastings PSAP will answer all 911 phone calls that previously went to Mid-Rivers PSAP and determine the needs of the caller then route that information to the correct agency. The Mid-Rivers PSAP will still dispatch Fire and EMS for Bladen, Blue Hill and Red Cloud until July 15, 2024, while any issues are worked out with transitioning from the Legacy 911 System to the NextGen 911 System. On July 16, 2024, the Webster County Sheriff’s Office will take over dispatching these services until the Webster County PSAP is completed where all 911 phone calls are received and dispatching takes place.

For residents in Webster County, please do not hang up when you call 911 and you hear 

“Hastings 911 what is your emergency?” Rest assured; you have reached the correct location to have emergency services sent to you. There may be occasional 911 calls that get automatically re-routed based on a caller’s location, but the NextGen 911 System ensures that no 911 call goes unanswered. Mid-Rivers PSAP is still able to receive 911 calls in those rare cases.

Published Date: 05/17/2024

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