Large-scale tree-trimming project to begin June 24 in south Hastings

A large-scale, tree-trimming effort is scheduled to begin in south Hastings on Monday, June 24.

Hastings Utilities is committed to improving reliability and reducing the number of power outages in our electric system.

Part of the effort to reduce outages includes large-scale tree trimming projects. 

Contractor Green Tree Company from Red Oak, Iowa will be trimming a large area on the South side of Hastings. Green Tree Company was also the contractor for a large-scale, tree-trimming project in Hastings in 2020.

“One of the most common causes for power outages is trees contacting high voltage electric lines during storms,” said Jeff Campbell, Electric Distribution Superintendent for the Hastings Utilities Department. “Areas where the trees have been trimmed away from lines have noticeably fewer outages than areas that are not.”

The 2024 tree-trimming contract is the third large-scale, tree-trimming project for the City of Hastings in the last five years.

The area this time stretches from Woodland Avenue by Brickyard Park to Fifth Avenue on the East side of Good Samaritan Village, and from Burlington Northern Railroad tracks to Highway 6. 

There are three smaller, outlying areas also being trimmed. 

One is on the South side of highway 6 along the West side of Union Pacific railroad tracks. The second is along the East side of Showboat Boulevard just South of 12th street, and the third is along the East side of North Elm Avenue just south of 26th Street.

The tree-trimming is anticipated to take several months to complete.

Published Date: 06/18/2024

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