According to the 2010 census, 24,907 people call Hastings, Nebraska home. Those who live and work here view the city as a worthy place to find a job, start a business, buy or rent a home, access quality healthcare, and raise a family.

Hastings is known for strong primary and secondary schools, as well as impressive post-secondary educational offerings through Hastings College and Central Community College-Hastings campus. There is plenty to see and do here, and the city offers an amenable quality of life to anyone with a positive attitude and a yearning for the wide open spaces of America's Great Plains.

History buffs will enjoy the Hastings Museum and the Naval Ammunition Depot (NAD). Those interested in culture and art will find plenty to do via galleries, colorful events, and live concerts and theater performances via The Listening Room, Hastings College, and the Hastings Community Theater. And the legacy of Edwin Perkins, who invented Kool-Aid right here in Hastings, Nebraska, can be seen in buildings and organizations throughout the city.

Hastings is well connected via U.S. Highway 281, U.S. Highway 6, U.S. Highway 34, and Nebraska Highway 74. The city is located a short 15-minute drive south of Nebraska's Interstate 80, via U.S. Highway 281. The city also offers an airport, and rail connection via Amtrack.

The City of Hastings makes effective use of its taxpayer provided funds, by providing a wide list of services to the people who live and work here. Whether you're interested in organizing a block party, registering a pet, finding out what's going on in Hastings, or looking for specific information to solve a problem, you'll find it here.