Residents Document Central

City Code

Chapter 14 - Civil Defense City Code (PDF)

Emergency Management Director. CURRENT

Chapter 15 - Motor Vehicles City Code

General operation of vehicles, snow emergency routes and parking. CURRENT

Chapter 16 - Railroads City Code (PDF)

Obstructing streets, crossing repair and signals. CURRENT

Chapter 17 - Bicycles City Code (PDF)

Registration, rider rules and skateboard usage. CURRENT

Chapter 18 - Offenses-Miscellaneous City Code

Nuisances, tobacco, excessive noise and solicitation. CURRENT

Chapter 20 - Peddlers & Hawkers City Code (PDF)

Occupation tax and registration. CURRENT

Chapter 21 - Weapons City Code

Concealed weapons, knives, sales and discharge of firearms. CURRENT

Chapter 22 - Amusements City Code (PDF)

Pool halls, bingo, bowling alleys and lotteries. CURRENT

Chapter 23 - Parks & Cemeteries City Code (PDF)

Park hours open and Perpetual Care Trust Fund. CURRENT

Chapter 24 - Lake Hastings City Code (PDF)

Boating rules, permits and licenses. CURRENT

Chapter 25 - Streets & Sidewalks City Code (PDF)

General rules for streets, sidewalks, excavations and curbs. CURRENT