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City Code

Chapter 08 - Alcoholic City Code

Liquor sales and licensing. CURRENT

Chapter 09 - Garbage & Refuse City Code (PDF)

Solid Waste Facility and waste disposal. CURRENT

Chapter 10 - Animals & Fowl City Code (PDF)

Prohibited animals, dogs and cats.

Chapter 11 - Rodent Control City Code (PDF)

Rodent proofing, storage of materials and Board of Health. CURRENT

Chapter 12 - Police City Code (PDF)

Chief of Police, duties and police reserve force. CURRENT

Chapter 13 - Fire Protection City Code

Fire Department, explosives and fireworks. CURRENT

Chapter 14 - Civil Defense City Code (PDF)

Emergency Management Director. CURRENT

Chapter 15 - Motor Vehicles City Code

General operation of vehicles, snow emergency routes and parking. CURRENT

Chapter 16 - Railroads City Code (PDF)

Obstructing streets, crossing repair and signals. CURRENT

Chapter 17 - Bicycles City Code (PDF)

Registration, rider rules and skateboard usage. CURRENT

Chapter 18 - Offenses-Miscellaneous City Code

Nuisances, tobacco, excessive noise and solicitation. CURRENT