Parkview Cemetery

Parkview Cemetery, Hastings

The Parks and Recreation Department oversees Hastings' Parkview Cemetery, located at 1246 N. Elm Avenue in Hastings, Nebraska. No Saturday afternoon, Sunday or Holiday burials.

Find the location of burials by using our interactive map.

For questions, please contact John Brown:

John Brown
Cemetery Superintendent

Cemetery Fees

Grave Lot Sales

North Terrace & West Lawn Sections Price, as per Cemetery map: $600.00
Block Y & U Section Price, as per Cemetery map: $500.00(upon availability)
Block A-T, V-X & Old Block 5 Section Price, as per Cemetery map: $375.00(upon availability)
North Terrace 8 Infant Section Price, as per Cemetery map: $300.00
Columbarium Niches, Single: $875.00
Columbarium Niches, Double: $1,050.00

Grave Opening Sales

Adult, Monday - Friday: $600.00
Adult, Saturday AM: $775.00
Infant, Monday - Friday: $300.00
Infant, Saturday AM: $450.00
Cremations, Monday - Friday: $300.00
Cremations, Saturday AM: $450.00
Columbarium Opening and Closing - $200.00
Cremation Urn Vault($50.00 added to opening fee) $50.00


Adult: $900.00
Infant: $525.00
Cremation: $350.00

Cemetery Stone / Monument Fees

Single: $40.00
Double: $60.00
Monument Removal Fee: $50.00 - $100.00

Tent Rental: $300.00
Change in Deeds: $75.00


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