Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball Singles How to play

Pickle Ball Doubles How to play

Pickleball is a mini version of tennis. It’s played as doubles or singles; doubles is most common. The same size playing area and rules are used for both singles and doubles. It is played with paddles and a wiffle ball. Games are normally played to 11 points, win by 2. Tournament games may be played to 15 or 21, win by 2.

Indoor Pickle ball is offered at the Community Center 2015 W 3rd Street. There are three lined courts and is played on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1:30-3:30pm. A limited supply of paddles and wiffle balls are provided.

There are six lined courts for outdoor pickle ball at Carter Park. Location is W. E St and S. Bellevue Ave.

Player Rating Sheet


Session Fee Date Day Time Deadline Registration
Mixed Doubles $30/team $5 discount per pickleball member June Saturday 9am-4pm TBD REGISTER at 2015 W 3rd


Session Fee Dates Days Time Deadline Registration
Singles Men $10 11/1/21  Monday 6-9 pm 10/22/21


Singles Women $10 11/1/21  Monday 6-9 pm 10/22/21


Doubles Mixed $20 11/4/21  Thursday 6-9 pm 10/22/21


Doubles Mixed 55+ $20 11/4/21  Thursday 6-9pm 10/22/21




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