Pickle Ball (Indoor)

Pickle Ball Singles How to play

Pickle Ball Doubles How to play

Pickleball is a mini version of tennis. It’s played as doubles or singles; doubles is most common. The same size playing area and rules are used for both singles and doubles. It is played with paddles and a wiffle ball. Games are normally played to 11 points, win by 2. Tournament games may be played to 15 or 21, win by 2.  There will be 3 Leagues with these divisions offered with them:

Single Men's (Recreational, Competitive, 55+)

Single Women's (Recreational, Competitive, 55+)

Mixed Doubles (Recreational, Competitive, 55+, teams in this league can be made up of 2 men, 2 women, or 1 man & 1 woman)

Pickle ball is offered at the Community Center 2015 W 3rd Street. There are two lined courts and is played on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1:30-3:30pm. A limited supply of paddles and wiffle balls are provided.


Session Fee Dates Days Time Deadline Registration
Singles Men $10 CANCELLED Monday 6-9 pm January 4th, 2021


Singles Women $10 CANCELLED Monday 6-9 pm January 4th, 2021


Mixed Doubles $20 CANCELLED Thursday 6-9 pm January 4th, 2021




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