Lifeguard Training

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Participants who successfully complete the course will earn American Red Cross Certification in Lifeguarding/First Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer.

Registration fees cover cost of course and American Red Cross Certification. These costs are covered by the City of Hastings if the individual works at the Aquacourt that summer.

All certifications are 2 years. However, the state of Nebraska requires anyone who wishes to lifeguard to recertify his/her CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer every year.


Please check with the Hastings YMCA about class dates/times @ (402) 463-3139.

**Lifeguards working for the City will get their Certification paid if they work at least 140 hours in 2024.

Aquacourt Orientation Schedule (for City of Hastings Lifeguards ONLY)

Lifeguard Certification ID

Lifeguard RE- Certification (Certified Lifeguards whose two-year certification is about to expire and cannot make the May 23-25 dates.) Fee will be reimbursed if working for the City with proof of receipt. Pretest consists of a 300-yard swim using rotary breathing, retrieving a 10 lb. brick at a depth of 7 feet and 2 minutes of treading water without using hands.

Online Registration

Lifeguard Instructor Certification (Certification allows a person to train others to become lifeguards.)

Water Safety Instructor
*Instructors who teach 108 hours of swim lessons can get their WSI certification reimbursed.

CPR Re-Certification for Professional Rescuer (need to certify every year if Lifeguarding in the State of NE.)

CPR Registration

Certified Pool Operator Course