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What is Reading Dragons? 

The Reading Dragons program encourages kids to read for fun while making a habit of reading throughout the year to collect exciting dragon cards!

Studies have shown that reading for pleasure can have many benefits for kids, including expanding their vocabulary, improving their critical thinking skills, and helping them become better at learning. But not all of the benefits are academic! Reading can also teach better empathy and decision making, introduce kids to new worldviews, and reduce stress. "Reading for pleasure has benefits that go beyond the scholastic. By giving students choices about what they want to read, a lifelong reader is created." Kids Read Now (c. 2023)

What better way to make reading fun than to use dragons and games! Reading Dragons is the perfect program to get kids "fired up" about reading!

How does it work?

The Reading Dragons program is for anyone ages 5 to 12. It begins in September and lasts through April, and is tracked through Beanstack.

By reading for 120 minutes, you'll earn a dragon family pack of four cards: an egg, baby, teen, and adult. Collect all 35 dragon family packs, including 3 families when you sign up for the program, plus 7 exclusive family packs that can be earned by attending special library programs. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for announcements on which programs to attend!

Step 1: Sign up in person or through Beanstack. Then visit the Children's Desk on the 2nd floor to collect your 3 starter dragon families.

Step 2: Read for 30 minutes to earn each card. Stop by the Children's desk to claim your cards at any time.

Step 3: Check out the calendar and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for chances to earn exclusive dragons.

Step 4: Meet with your friends or join the Game Play Hours at the library to play games with your cards and compete in the tournament in April.

How do I enroll?

Signing up for Reading Dragons is easy! You can do so in one of two ways:

Option 1: Fill out the registration form on the back of the Reading Dragons brochure and turn it in at the Children's Desk. A staff member will create an account in Beanstack and add you to the Reading Dragons challenge.

Option 2: Log in to Beanstack online or through the Beanstack app. Create your account and add yourself to the Reading Dragons challenge. If you already have an account, join the challenge from your home page.

Upon signing up for Reading Dragons, you'll receive three starter packs of three unique dragons that include four cards- an egg, a baby, a teen, and an adult. The starter cards allow you to start playing games with your friends right away while you're earning new cards.

You can join the program at any time between September and April. If you join after September, you can still earn cards from previous months by reading the required amount; however, each month's cards will only become available at the beginning of the designated month.

How do I play with my dragon cards?

There are two games you can play with your collection of dragon cards with two or more players:

RED beats GREEN     GREEN beats BLUE     BLUE beats RED

Game 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors!

You and a friend secretly choose one card each from your deck, keeping it hidden so your friend can't see what card you've chosen. Count to three, and both of you flip over your cards to see who wins. If both cards have the same color background, you tie! Play Rock, Paper, Scissors with your hands to determine the winner!

Game 2: Rock, Paper, Scissors, War!

Be sure to write your name on your cards so you get them all back! Each player mixes up their own cards and stacks the cards face down on the table. Don't peak! Both players draw the top card of their deck and flip it over at the same time. If you have the same color background, the oldest dragon wins. If your dragons are the same age then you go to war.

To go to war, add two face down cards to your card on the table. Then flip a third face up. If you tie again, go to war until there is a winner. The winner adds all of the cards to their win pile. Play until you run out of cards. The player with the most cards in their win pile is the champion!

Test you skills at the library at our Game Play Hours! A gaming schedule is available in the tracker and the online calendar. A tournament will also be held at the end of the year in April!

Thank you!

Where did Reading Dragons come from? This program and the original line art was created by staff from the Dover Public Library in Dover, Ohio. We want to thank them for their creativity, hard work, and generosity in making the program available to libraries around the country, so that we can share it with you!

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