Records Division

Administrative Assistants 

  • Opal Johnson
  • Jeanie Pettit
  • Katherine Palmer

Evidence Technician

  • Sydnee Archibald

Recording, analyzing, storing, retrieving, and transferring information is an essential task of the police department.

The front office of the Hastings Police Department at 317 S. Burlington Avenue is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After hours emergency assistance can be obtained via an intercom to our 911 dispatchers, who are located in the same building.

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The following commonly requested services are available during regular business hours:

Copies of Incident and Accident Reports

Available for a $5.00 charge at the office. You may obtain Accident Reports FREE on this website. Please allow up to 72 hours after an accident for a report to be available. Incident reports are only available by visiting the police department during business hours.

Criminal History Checks

Local background checks are available for a $5.00 charge. Name and date of birth of the subject are needed.

Handgun Certificates

State Firearm Certificates are available to residents within the Hastings city limits for a $5 charge. Photo ID is required.

NEW – NE Handgun Purchase Permit Online Form

Pay Parking Tickets

Parking tickets may be paid in person during business hours, M-F 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM at the Hastings Police Department if you have correct change.  You can also pay your parking ticket at Hastings City Hall, 220 North Hastings Avenue, during normal business hours.  If you do not have the correct change or need to pay by credit card, you must go to the City Hall location.

Bike Licenses

City bike licenses are required by city code on all bikes operated in the city limits and are available for free. Please bring your bike or bike information, including serial number if applicable.

Correctional Citations

Correctional citations issued by any agency, can be checked for compliance. Traffic citations (tickets) must be paid at County Court in the county of issue.

Solicitor's Permits

Permits are required for ALL door-to-door salespersons. The fee is $200 per company and the permits are good for one year.

Animal Licenses

Dog and Cat licenses are available at the police department. Please bring current rabies certificate.

NEW – City of Hastings Pet License Online Form

 Pet Licensing Fees for Dogs & Cats

 1 Yearly License                                     $11.25

 1 Yearly Senior License                         $10.25

 1 Yearly Spay/Neutered                         $8.75

 3 Year License/NOT spay/neut            $28.75

 3 Year Senior License                            $25.25

3 Year Spay/Neutered                            $21.25

 Replacement License                              $1.75

There is a $10.00 a month late fee for every month that your pet is not licensed. Pet licenses can be purchased at the Hastings Police Department in the Lobby during normal business hours. Monday-Friday from 8-5.

Boat Permits

Lake Hastings boat permits are NOT available at the police department. They may be obtained at the Park & Recreation Office at 2015 W 3rd St.

For more information on these or other services, call the Hastings Police Department business office at 461-2380. After hours calls are forwarded to the Hastings E911 Communications Center.