Parking Guidelines

Effective parking control is important to many segments of Hastings. The business community, especially in the downtown area, needs available parking spots for the convenience of its customers. Residents view the existence of abandoned vehicles in their neighborhoods as a hazard and an eyesore. Handicapped parking stalls must be designated and used in accordance with the law. During 1996, the police department established a hotline designed to give citizens quicker service concerning suspected abandoned vehicles and parking problems. The number is 461-2388 and can be called 24 hours a day. You can also report abandoned vehicles using this form.

Compliance to parking regulations is obtained primarily through the issuance of parking tickets and towing of vehicles. The police department also strives for compliance through public awareness and education. Community Service Officers are assigned the duty of enforcing parking regulations, however, all sworn personnel are also responsible for parking enforcement.

There are a number of restrictions on parking included in the Hastings City Code. Some of the problems the Police Department commonly encounters are:

Parking Violations paid within ten days:

A. Chapter 15, Article IV (Stopping, standing, and parking) $10.00

B. Chapter 15, Article V (Snow emergency routes) $10.00

C. Chapter 15, Section 15-403.01(1) (handicapped parking) $100.00

D. Other Parking Violations $10.00

Parking Violations paid after ten days have elapsed:

After 10 days all tickets will be forwarded to the City Attorney for further action.