Community Service Officers

The City of Hastings Police Department's Community Service Officer Division strives to promote the health and safety of the citizens of Hastings. Since 2013 the City of Hastings Police Department has provided code enforcement and animal control throughout the City of Hastings. Community Service Officers are responsible for keeping the City of Hastings free from all nuisances and neighborhood eyesores.

Report An Issue

C.S.O's follow up complaints can be made to the Hastings Police Department via email or by calling (402) 461-2364.

Your identity is kept anonymous throughout the investigation. We do however need your contact information in case we need any further information.


Description Of Violation Related Hastings City Code
Tall Grass and Weeds Hastings City Code 18-119 (E)
Unlicensed Vehicles Hastings City Code 15-422
View Obstruction Hastings City Code 39-308
Junk and Debris Hastings City Code 18-119 (B)
Inoperable Vehicles Hastings City Code 18-119 (C)
Accumulation of Firewood Hastings City Code 18-119 (H)
Excessive Building Material Hastings City Code 18-119 (G)
Animal Violations
Keeping of Animals Prohibited Hastings City Code 10-102
Animal Running at Large (Animal Except Dogs or Cats Hastings City Code 10-105
Cruelty of Animals (Animal Except Dogs or Cats Hastings City Code 10-110
Failure to Licenses Animal Hastings City Code 10-201
Failure to Restrain an Animal Hastings City Code 10-208
Failure to Vaccinate Dogs/Cats/Other Hastings City Code 10-214
Potentially Dangerous or Vicious Animal Hastings City Code 10-217
Cruelty of Animals Dogs/Cats/Other Hastings City Code 10-227

What if I Have A Violation?

The violation notice tells you which ordinance was violated. If you have any questions, there is a phone number on the notice or sticker to call to get more information.

Please refer to our Staff Directory for a list of Community Service Officers.