Accident Reports

The Hastings Police Department will only need to be contacted if the damage to any one person's vehicle or property is more than $1,500 or if someone is injured.  If your accident was not investigated by a law enforcement officer, you will need to complete a NE State Accident Report. 

You can now view (and print/save) your accident reports online, before retrieving your accident report please note:

  • Accident Reports are presented in "PDF" format. To view them, you must have Adobe Acrobat reader.
  • All accesses through this site are monitored, unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.
  • To retrieve your accident report you will need a report number that is assigned by the Police Department
  • Please contact the Hastings Police Department with any questions regarding retrieving your accident report.
  • The accident number should be in the following format: PACC###### (ten total characters)
    • PACC = Standard Reporting Prefix for ALL our accidents
    • The next two digits are the year the accident happened
    • The last four digits are the actual report number for that year.
  • Please make sure your Popup Blocker for this site is off or accepting anything from* 
  • Once you type your accident number hit enter and your report will popup in a PDF and you can either print the report or save it to your computer.