City Council 4th Ward

Council Member Shawn HartmanShawn Hartmann

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December 2020 through December 2024

I have lived in Hastings for over 30 years and been a resident of Adams County my whole life. I am currently Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Hastings HVAC Inc, a local manufacturer of Industrial and Commercial HVAC equipment that we distribute globally. I’m currently a member of the Hastings Area Manufacturer’s Association (HAMA), and Manufacturing Pathways Advisory Team (MPAT). I am current Vice President, soon to be President of Hastings Economic Development Corporation (HEDC). As a big supporter of local manufacturer’s and locally owned and operated small businesses, I continue to work with public and private entities to help improve the City of Hastings. I look forward to serving on the City Council to help everyone that lives here!

Council Member Matt Fong

Matt Fong

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December 2022 through December 2026

Matt is the Director of Fundraising & Outreach for the Crane Trust. His work is focused on educating visitors from around the world about the importance of the Platte River valley and its unique ecosystem. A graduate of Hastings College, he previously worked for the Alumni Association.

Matt graduated in 2015 from the University of Omaha Executive MBA program. He has played an active role in the community. He served on the Hastings Library Board contributing to the decision to extensively renovate the facility. Matt worked for the Arbor Day Foundation and carried with him a love of trees that he has used during his time on the Hastings Tree Board.

He spends his free time with his wife and 11-year-old daughter.