Community Redevelopment Authority

The Hastings Community Development Authority (CRA) is responsible for conserving and rehabilitating substandard or blighted areas within the City of Hastings. The CRA assists developers with commercial, industrial or residential projects within the thirteen redevelopment areas it serves. Projects are awarded depending on an application process determined by specific guidelines including location, timing, and objective.

Since the CRA was founded in the early 80s, it has added more than $50,000,000 in new valuation to the community, and assisted with the construction of over 400 affordable housing units within specified areas of Hastings.

Incentives available to small businesses and developers include low interest loans for business start-ups and expansions, building rehabilitation, and more.

A Microenterprise Loan Program provides low interest loans, business counseling, technical assistance and training for owners of small businesses with 10 or fewer employees.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) helps to finance the public costs associated with a private development project, with funds used to buy land, and make a variety of improvements.

A Facade Grant Program helps to restore and preserve historical architectural features within the downtown Central Business District.

Visit the CRA website to learn more about how this organization enhances the City of Hastings.