Business Improvement District

Visit downtown Hastings, and you'll find a unique assortment of niche shops, charming restaurants, fun entertainment spots, thriving offices, and beautiful apartments. Mixing Hastings' rich history with an engaged business scene has been the mission of the Business Improvement District (BID) since its creation in 1986.

The BID is charged with enhancing the physical and economic well being of the Central Business District, which encompasses a 20-block area in the heart of Hastings. Property owners within the District provide the funds needed to develop public activities and events, newsletters and promotional materials, banners, and physical improvements such as lighting, landscaping, benches, planters, trash receptacles, signing and more.

Improving the environment where people shop, live and work creates a wave of progress that extends throughout the city, so the BID engages in longterm strategic planning, and anticipating the needs of the downtown district for years to come.

The BID is bordered by the Burlington Northern tracks on the south, 4th Street on the north, Lexington Avenue on the west, and Kansas Avenue on the east. It includes approximately 150 properties and over 100 property owners.

To learn more about how the BID invests in the future of downtown Hastings, visit their website.