• 1842 - John Fremont & Kit Carson camped south of Hastings on an exploratory mission.
  • 1864 - Eight men of Simonton and Smith wagon train were massacred and buried south of Hastings.
  • 1871 - First home was built in Hastings by Walter Micklen.
  • 1872 - First railroad, Burlington & Missouri River Railroad, reached Hastings. Hastings was founded, named for Colonel Thomas D. Hastings, contractor for the St. Joseph and Denver City Railroad.
  • 1874 - Hastings became an incorporated community on April 20th.
  • 1878 - Courthouse was moved from Juniata to Hastings.
  • 1882 - Hastings College opened for its first classes.
  • 1888 - Hastings State Hospital was established.   


  • LIBERAL HALL: In 1879 Liberal Hall was the place of the Print Olive trial. Although the building no longer stands, a marker is placed at Third St. and St. Joseph Avenue to show where the trial was held.
  • OREGON TRAIL MARKER: The Oregon Trail cuts across Highway 281 south of Hastings. A state marker marks the spot.
  • SUSAN HALE LONE GRAVE: See the marker close to Kenesaw (15 minutes from Hastings in Adams County) of Susan Hale. Only a few graves were marked along the Oregon & Mormon Trails.
  • U. S. Meat Animal Research Center: (Clay Center) Through research they develop new technology and better carcasses at less cost. Major research areas are breeding, reproduction, feed efficiency, carcass merit, animal waste management, physical environment, life cycle management systems, and food safety. Tours are available.
  • SPRING RANCH: A ghost town where Liz Taylor, Tom Jones and James Taylor are buried. Located in Clay County just past intersection of S-18E and 74 on 74, on Little Blue River.

For more history, visit the Adams County Historical Society (ACHS)