Rain Sensor and Smart Sprinkler Controller Rebate

Hastings Utilities encourages the use of technologies that prevent overwatering your yard, such as rain sensors and water saving smart sprinkler controllers.  These technologies can significantly reduce the amount of water used to irrigate.  New systems and retrofitted systems are both eligible for the rebate.

Download Rain Sensor / Smart Sprinkler Controller Rebate Form


  • Participants must be retail water customers of Hastings Utilities.
  • The participant's account must be current and non-delinquent.
  • All equipment must be installed in the Hastings Utilities water department service area.


  • Limit of one rebate per household / applicant
  • Installation of qualifying device(s) must have taken place after August 1, 2020.
  • Incomplete rebate applications and those lacking a copy of purchase receipts will be denied.
  • Installations are subject to inspection by a representative of Hastings Utilities.
  • Rain Sensor must be device that is connectable to the sprinkler controller, senses accumulated rainfall, and prevents the system from operating if rainfall has occurred.
  • Smart Sprinkler Controller must be capable of lowering watering application volume or run time automatically based on precipitation data or other approved water measuring technology.


For rain sensors, the first sensor installed (most residential systems will only need one) up to $75 is available as a rebate.  On some commercial, or larger residential systems, more than one sensor may be required. After the initial rebate amount ($75), for each additional device required a rebate amount of $35 will be made, up to a maximum of nine additional devices.

For Smart Sprinkler Controllers, up to $75 is available as a rebate.


  • Customer purchases and has installed a qualifying rain sensor or smart controller.
  • Customer completes an application form for the rebate.
  • Customer returns completed application form and a copy of a legible purchase receipt to Hastings Utilities. Purchase receipt must include the customer's full name and address, date of purchase, purchase price, equipment make and model numbers.
  • HU staff receives, reviews and inspects the application and installation.
  • Upon approval, rebate amount is sent directly to the customer that applies for the rebate.


Early morning is the best time to water a lawn. When watering is done early in the day, more of the moisture is absorbed into the lawn.

As the sun rises, so does the temperature. After 10 a.m. moisture is actually taken from a lawn through evaporation. Time and money can both be saved by watering as close to daybreak as possible.