Thermal Imaging Service

Hastings Utilities offers the service of thermal imaging. We will use an infrared camera and take "pictures" which shows surface temperatures.

Some of the items which can be included are buildings, windows, doors, circuit breaker panels, conveyor belts, pulleys, electrical motors and gear boxes.

The pictures will show different colors for different temperatures and will be paired with a standard digital photo. This can help identify "hot spots" and be used as a preventative maintenance tool or help locate energy loss areas. The customer is responsible for determining the appropriate actions needed to remedy any problems.

Thermal Imaging Rates: (Includes travel time, on-site thermal image/digital photo, compiling report and post customer visitation)

  • Residential: $95.00/hour (1hour minimum)
  • Commercial: $95.00/hour (1 hour minimum)
  • Commercial: $600/day (8 hour day rate includes the break down noted above)