Service Call Charges

There is never a charge for crews from Hastings Utilities to check for natural gas leaks or to test for possible levels of carbon monoxide buildups. Those services are always provided free of charge. However, there are charges when personnel from HU respond to other types inquiries.

For example, if a customer calls about the loss of electrical service, there may be a service charge associated with dispatching HU personnel to the scene. Perhaps a limb has fallen across wires pulling them loose from the residence. If the cause of the outage is related to the customer's circuit breaker panel or service line etc. a charge occurs. If the cause of the outage is related to the distribution lines or equipment operated by HU (transformers, fuses, etc.) there is no charge assessed.

Similarly, certain events related to other services provided by HU have a service charge associated with them. As mentioned, there is never a charge to check for a gas leak or a possible buildup of carbon monoxide. However, if crews from HU are dispatched to provide services such as lighting a pilot light on a furnace or water heater, there is a charge for those services.

There is no charge to respond to virtually any water leak. If a water meter, fire hydrant, water main or residential service line is leaking, no charge to the customer occurs to determine the source of the leak. However, if HU is asked to operate the service line stopbox so that repairs can be made to internal plumbing or to stop leaks that may be entering the home's basement, a charge is made.

There is never a charge to determine if the sanitary sewer mains operated by Hastings Utilities are plugged and causing sewage to backup in a residence or business. If the sewer system is privately owned, for example a trailer court, the property owner is charged if the problem is determined to be within the privately owned sewer system.

There is no charge to check for accuracy of a meter reading for billing purposes. However, a service charge is made to dispatch a meter reader to reconnect service when service has been denied for non-payment.

What are the charges associated with service calls?

Effective October 1, 2021, the following are the minimum rates that apply to service charges billed to customers.

During regular working hours (8:00AM to NOON and 1:00PM to 5:00PM) - $50.00

On weekends, holidays, after 5:00PM or during NOON to 1:00PM - $100.00

Please be advised, service call rates differ from reconnect fees and turn on charges.  In addition, any truck and/or equipment expenses will also be charged. Responses outside the corporate limits of Hastings will be billed at the man-hour rate for employee time plus truck and equipment expenses.

Should customers have any questions about any of these situations or matters, do not hesitate to contact Hastings Utilities, 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (402) 463-1371.