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Service Sign Up and Disconnect

Hastings Utilities Application Description

All applications and any other requirements will need to be submitted to Hastings Utilities (HU) by 4:30 p.m. the working business day prior to the Date Service Desired. Please note, if the application is received by 4:30 p.m. on a working business day that does not guarantee application approval.

If you have never been on service with us, we do require a minimum a deposit of $200 for residential properties. A utility deposit may be waived if a customer chooses to have their utility bill automatically withdrawn from their bank account. All Commercial Properties will require a deposit that will be determined upon application review.  Information on how to pay the deposit will be provided after the application review has been completed.

A HU representative may be in contact with the applicant during the application review. Please ensure the email address used and the phone number entered is correct in case the HU representative reaches out.


A disconnect application needs to be completed if you are moving OUT of an address even if the move-out date is unknown or far into the future.

Disconnect Application

*If you are also moving into a new address, we will need the disconnect application completed AND the connect application completed for the transfer to take place. See below for the appropriate connect application.


Please select the appropriate application for a single adult moving into the address or for two adults moving into the address. If there is more than two adults moving into the address, each applicant will need to click on the Single Application link and complete an application, noting the additional roommates in their completed application. If multiple individuals will be moving into an address, we will need each individual to complete their portion of the application before the application can be processed. Please note when completing the ‘Two Adults Moving to Address Application’ the first individual will complete the application and sign and the second individual will be emailed a link to then complete their portion and sign – both individuals will need to complete and sign the application for the application to be processed.

Single Adult Moving to Address Application

Two Adults Moving to Address Application

Commercial Application