Water Survey

The help of Hastings Utilities' customers is needed. Below you will find a brief survey concerning potential backflow conditions at your Residence. Please take a few moments to read, fill out and return the survey.  Based on the information provided, Hastings Utilities may then contact the homeowner to conduct a backflow inspection, to identify and then eliminate any backflow conditions.

The Nebraska Department Health and Human Services, public health regulations direct us to survey all of our customers every five years to determine if backflow conditions exist.

What is Backflow ?

Backflow occurs when water pressure in a customer's service connection is greater than the pressure in the public's water supply pipe. Of greatest concern is backflow of toxic chemicals and wastewater's that may contain pathogens. For example, chemically treated water from a boiler system being forced back through the service line into the public's drinking water supply.

What is Backsiphonage?

Backsiphonage occurs when a contaminant is drawn into the public water system by a pressure change (usually a break in a water main). The pressure change siphons water toward the cause of the change. For example, if a home owner is spraying the lawn or shrubs with a device connected to a outside faucet through a garden hose and a sudden change in pressure occurs, the chemicals in the sprayer can be siphoned back into the homeowners own drinking water and the public's drinking water supply.

In most homes protecting against backflow and backsiphonage is relatively easy and inexpensive. Most homes will require vacuum breakers to be installed on the outside hose faucets. Some older underground sprinkler systems may also need to be addressed. In fewer cases, utility sinks, boiler heating systems and processing equipment may also need backflow prevention devices installed.

By eliminating potential backflow, backsiphonage conditions throughout the community, the safety of the public drinking water supply will be greatly enhanced. Safe drinking water is of paramount importance to us all. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. 

Residential Water Survey Form

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