Capabilities and Locations

Hastings Utilities currently has the capability of producing approximately 135 megawatts of electricity. The largest local peak hour demand for electricity is 100.7 megawatts, established in July, 2005.

Electrically, Hastings Utilities serves a 56-square mile area including the city of Hastings and the village of Juniata. Electricity can be generated at three different sites. The largest producing power plant is the coal-fired Gerald T. Whelan Energy Center, which was placed into commercial operation in 1981. The 77 megawatt power plant uses low sulfur coal from vast coal mine supplies in Wyoming.

Other generation sites include the North Denver Station, and the Don Henry Power Center. The Don Henry Power Center operates primarily on natural gas, but can also be operated on fuel oil. It can be brought on-line in a moments notice. The North Denver Station, so named for nearby North Denver Avenue, has two natural gas fired generators. Generation capacities, beyond local needs, can be sold on the wholesale market for electricity. Wholesale power sales revenues help to hold the line on local electric rates.

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