The Pollution Control Facility (wastewater treatment facility) has been in operation since 1980.  The facility discharges its treated water into the south branch of the west fork of the Big Blue River.  Major process treatment upgrades occurred in 2002 and 2014 to provide the cleanest discharge water possible.  Current process involves primary sludge digestion and land application followed by wastewater activated sludge treatment.

The Pollution Control Facility treats about 3.6 Million Gallons per Day of wastewater.  The water is conveyed from the city to the treatment facility utilizing 8 sanitary sewer lift stations and 166 miles of sewer main.

Safety Tips

Preventing Sewer Gas Leaks

Water should be added regularly to plumbing fixtures, especially any sinks, toilets or floor drains that may have dried out. If any fixtures have not been used in a while, the water in the water-seal traps may have evaporated. That could allow dangerous sewer gas and odors to enter your home.

Hazards of Sewer Gases

  • Exposure to sewer gases can produce flu-like symptoms such as headache, nausea, and drowsiness.
  • Exposure to high concentrations can interfere with the sense of smell, making this warning signal unreliable.
  • At extremely high levels, Sewer gases can cause immediate loss of consciousness and death.
  • Sewer gases are also flammable and highly explosive.

If you need to report sewer gas odors at any time, call Hastings Utilities at 463-1371. If the odor is strong, evacuate the building at once and call from a neighbor's house.

Manhole Covers

If you find an open manhole cover, or one that is badly damaged report it immediately, so we can barricade the potentially dangerous area and correct the problem. Call Hastings Utilities at (402) 463-1371.